Barnaby Sykes - Pie Maker - the pie shop that moves - quality food provider for festivals, weddings, parties, fêtes, farmer’s markets and other events.

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It's all about the pies

Our pies are:

  • made with great ingredients

  • freshly baked

  • mouth-watering and tasty

  • great value at twice the price!

Barnaby Sykes Pie-Maker Barnaby Sykes Pie-Maker #
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Barnaby Sykes Pie-Maker # Where you'll find us
Where to find us Where to find us
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Winter Wonderland

Open every day from mid November to early January (except Christmas Day), in London’s Hyde Park...

You’ll find us there!

Barnaby Sykes Pie-Maker
# The legend of Barnaby Sykes Barnaby Sykes Pie-Maker

Born into a farm labourer’s family around 1800, he worked on the land by day and poached game and livestock by night. His skill in ‘borrowing’ local ingredients and turning them into mouth-watering pies became local legend.

The lovable rogue evaded the village stocks for years. However during a succession of failed harvests he turned to supplying pies with poached contents to the poor and hungry.

Land-owners became fed-up and Barnaby Sykes became a wanted man. Records state he was hung but some say he was murdered, no two accounts are the same but of all the tales, one truth remains:

‘While gentry and peasants never see eye to eye.There is one fact they can never deny:
That the legendary Barnaby Sykes made
one hell of a tasty pie.’

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# Work for us

If you’d like to work for us (at any time of the year) then send your details and any relevant experience using the contact email link below.

Barnaby Sykes Pie-Maker
# Contact

Call us on: 07740 864373

By post at:

Barnaby Sykes Pie-Maker, Jubilee House, Swells Hill, Brimscombe, Stroud, GL5 2SR


Barnaby Sykes Pie-Maker